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My Move Away From Wordpress

While Wordpress was and still is a great blog platform, I have never really wanted my site to be a generic blog. I felt like my site was too bland and uninteresting for the longest time. I really felt like I could do better since I am a professional web developer. In April of 2016, I finally decided to create a new site design and implement it without the help of Wordpress or any other CMS. As of May 4, it is finished and online.

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3D Modeling Tools

This is simply a quick list of tools I use in my 3D modeling/animation workflow.

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Hash tables: a crash course on what they are

This is really just a placeholder for unwritten content that explains hash tables in an easy-to-understand fashion. I will update it later with pictures and more information.

What are hash tables?

If you ever used an array in a programming language and thought "there has to be a better way to search through this array" you should consider using hash tables. A hash table is like a book of arrays or an array of arrays even. You basically have indexes which say where sections of content are. Then, you optionally have subsections inside each section. In that sense, you could think of it like looking in a phone book for John Smith and skipping to the page where names with the letter s begin so you can search fewer pages for the name smith.

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Creating E-Learning Games With Unity

"Creating E-Learning Games With Unity" by David Horachek is a very nicely put together book for Unity3D developers who want to further understand the e-learning game market. I like the book because of its wide variety of useful information for Unity devs. This book was like a refresher course on how to design and develop a simple game in Unity3D that would suit the e-learning game market.

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