• Content management systems, custom, from-scratch websites, and long-term support. Use Drupal? Wordpress? No problem.

  • User-interface/interaction design

    I have experience developing GUIs for both online and offline purposes. Many of my most recent sites have implemented a mobile-first philosophy and feature flexible designs.

  • Multimedia design

    Utilizing Adobe Creative Suite and my preferred art tools, I can create designs for a variety of formats, from animation to print. Need bleed? Crop marks? Whatever you need, I can get it done.

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  • Adobe Creative Suite

    I'm proficient at Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, and many other Adobe products as well as their open source alternatives.

  • Game & App Development

    I have the skills to design and develop video games and other complex applications. Unity 5. Flixel. Flashpunk. AS3, C++, C#, Haxe, PHP.

  • SEO expertise

    I can improve search results placement and search accuracy by designing your site to be more search engine friendly. I also develop monitoring apps for sites to keep track of visitor activity.

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What Clients Say

  • On extremely short notice, Josh came through for us with amazing results. — Amy Benton,

  • Josh saved us web development time so we could spend that time working on our flagship product, Planet Explorers. — Zifei,

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